SIGEP 2017

SIGEP 2017


the new division of MEP ITALIA specialized in commercial refrigeration,

presented at Sigep 2017


HYBRID COLD BOX is the new hybrid engine that guarantees the best refrigeration and all the advantages of an intelligent and eco-friendly system.

  • CONTINUE REFRIGERATION H24 A DAY – 365 DAYS PER YEAR. By preventing the ice formation the system avoids defrost cycles of the evaporator
  • WEIGHT AND ORGANOLEPTIC PROPERTIES OF FOOD STAY UNALTERED. Hybrid cold box ensures optimal humid refrigeration that does not change the organoleptic properties and weight of the food.
  • REDUCTION OF POWER CONSUMPTION. Hybrid cold box reduces electric power consumption from 40 to 50%
  • HALVED GAS EMISSIONS. The green characteristic and the forefront technology enable to halve the use of gaseous components compared with the best standards on the market
  • NOISE REDUCTION. No more noise sound, the system reduces the noise of 50%
  • SAVING ON MAINTENANCE COSTS.  The system is compact, extractable and controlled via wifi, so it allows a facilitated removal without the use of specialized technicians

ICONICOLD, the new company reality in the world of refrigeration.

Luigi SpinaciSIGEP 2017